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Astrogeology Analysis Ready Data
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Adding USGS WMS Base Layers to QGIS

A screen capture of the Europa WMS.

The USGS provided Europa Global Mosaic, loaded as a WMS.

This is an in progress draft example. Please feel free to test, but use with caution!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Add a connection to the USGS Europa WMS server
  • add the Europa Global Mosaic WMS base layer to a QGIS project

This tutorial demonstrates how to connect the the USGS Astrogeology hosted Web Mapping Standard (WMS) server and stream a base layer into QGIS.


This tutorial requires that you have the following tools installed on your computer:

Software Library or Application Version Used
QGIS 3.30.1


The table below lists URLs for WMS layers for bodies that have analysis ready data available. For a complete listing see here

Add a Connection to the USGS Europa WMS

To add a custom projection QGIS:

  1. In the data source Browser (left side of the QGIS interface, above the Table of Contents) right click the WMS/WMTS section and select New Connection…
  2. Name the connection USGS Europa
  3. Paste the URL from above for the Europa WMS.
  4. Click Ok
A GIF showing how to connect to a WMS server.

A GIF demonstrating creating a new WMS connection.

Add the Europa Global Mosaic to QGIS

To add the WMS to the project:

  1. In the data source Browser expand the WMS/WMTS section and locate the USGS Europa connection added above.
  2. Expand the drop downs until Europa Global Mosaic is visible.
  3. Double click the Europa Global Mosaic layer or right-click and select Add Layer to Project.
A GIF showing how to add a WMS base layer

A GIF demonstrating a WMS base layer to a QGIS project.

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