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Astrogeology Analysis Ready Data
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This section contains tutorials designed as short duration, limited scope lessons to get users familiarized with discovering, downloading, and ultimately using the Analysis Ready Data we provide. Our tutorials are intentionally limited in scope as they are designed to be picked up and put down at the user’s convenience. Each tutorial describes what skill will be demonstrated and what the end result (e.g., what product or data) of the tutorial will be.

Tutorials are listed in the left-hand navigation pain. These tutorials step through answering questions such as:

  • How to browse the data? You start with a URL and want to browser find an image of interest by clicking through many images. In essence, how does stac-browser support FTP style discovery, but with thumbnails.
  • Anatomy of a record and addition of a data product to a GIS.
  • Anatomy of a data entry on this website with the added textual information about the data products.

The examples section is a great starting point for users comfortable working with our data browsing and discovery services. In that section we provide more cookbook style discovery and data use examples that can (and should!) be experimented with and modified for different user needs.